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SearchLink AS is the current owner of the following brands; StartupIQ™ – ReadyToGo™ – Toolbox™
Both program and tool receive overwhelming response.

Why SearchLink?

SearchLink AS is an Oslo/Norway-based company developing services within the entrepreneurial and educational sector. SearchLink AS is the developer and owner of the ReadyToGo™ entrepreneurship study program and the StartupIQ™ assessment tool.

The grim facts:

7 out of 10 start-ups fail within 5 years. SearchLink AS aims to turn those figures upside-down: 7 out of 10 should succeed. That is why we have introduced the ReadyToGo™ entrepreneurship study program and the StartupIQ™ assessment tool.
Both program and tool receive overwhelming response.

Read what our clients say!

Our business idea is all about helping Entrepreneurs to succeed with start-up initiatives; in order to increase the chances that good, qualified ideas are well commercialized and become viable companies creating lasting workplaces.

What we offer

SearchLink AS is offering a portfolio of services and tools within the entrepreneurial sector. This portfolio is in continuous development and improvement. SearchLink AS is the current owner of the following brands; StartupIQ™ – ReadyToGo™ – Toolbox™. Consultative services are offered within the scope of the product portfolio.


  • Assess your start-up:
  • The model questions 24 Factors
  • 360-degree view of start-up
  • Uses 150 Indicators


  • Improve your start-up:
  • Includes 6 learning modules
  • 3-P learning model
  • 42 Themes


custom programs
  • Special needs?
  • Custom analysis and assesment
  • Ideal for investors and Scale-ups
  • Tailormade and held on request

How it works

“It’s not so much about ideas, as it is about making ideas happen.”

Your qualification

There are no formal admission requirements for the ReadyToGo™ program. The program is open to anyone who wants knowledge of Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial process in practice. The program requires no prior knowledge beyond a general business acumen.
Hopefully you bring your own idea and work on this throughout the program, in order to practically develop your idea to become a market validated service and eventually a viable and sound business.
But “are you up for it”?  In Module I of the program we address the risks, challenges and pitfalls of being an entrepreneur, challenging both you and your idea to verify if you are willing to take the step and give what it takes to get there.

Developing your business plan

The aim of the program Module II is to become familiar with the steps involved in innovation and conceptualizing a business idea. We provide you with focus on the skills involved in evaluating business ideas, the practical steps involved in launching a business and the necessary process of winning the finance. Module III takes you through the steps of drawing up a business plan. Modules II and III are class sessions, closely linked in 21 lectures over a period of 15 weeks. Normally the lectures will take place twice weekly in the early evening lasting 3 – 4 hours.  
These modules involve you in Entrepreneurship in its purest and most undiluted form – bringing new value propositions to market in a start-up organisation. However, by reflecting on this process and the broader study you will develop skills and understanding that can be deployed in a wide range of context.
The program is primarily focusing the practice of being an Entrepreneur, although with a clear link to academic theory and business professional attitude.

Validating your progress

A big issue for start-ups is how to set a value to what you are developing. Without any proven turn-over, profit or other economy figures, how do you set the value of your initiative?
A second issue for entrepreneurs is whether or not they are doing the right things; developing the necessary skills and elements of building a business. How do you know you are on track? Where should you focus and improve?
Both these key issues are addressed and answered by assessing your start-up initiative with StartupIQ™. By usage of this tool at the milestones of your development, both you and your potential investors get a value figure of your start-up and your progress, and your get valuable feedback to direct your next steps the right way. The use of StartupIQ™ is included in the ReadyToGo™ program at beginning and end of the program modules.

Piloting, rollout and growth

The ReadyToGo™ program modules IV – VI are addressing the practical issues of actually launching and building your business, once you have “run it on paper” and made a solid business plan (in modules I-III). Modules IV – VI will follow the start-up participants for up to 2 to 3 years, depending on speed of progress. These modules will take place in the combined format of lectures and seminars and follow the natural progress and phases of a new venture. In combination with the training sessions a mentor program is offered. Mentor support will be organised weekly, available for the participants on request.

New innovations

For established organisations – large and small – the ability to identify and exploit opportunities within a changing environment is critical for continued success. As individuals, ” Entrepreneurs” within a company are held in high regard as drivers of innovation and change, and many ambitious companies run innovation projects on a continuous basis. The ReadyToGo™ program offer proper training for such intrapreneurs and project groups, to increase the development and strength of new innovation initiatives. Special in-house ReadyToGo™ programs can be arranged on request.

Admission fees

We wish to help you succeed with your initiative, but we will not demand a part of your shares, company and of that success you are creating. The ReadyToGo™ program participation is based purely on an admission fee.  This fee varies from module to module.
If interested, please contact us for more information on prices and fees, as well as next classes of ReadyToGo™.


StartupIQ™ is a digital web-based analytical tool aiming to be used assessing the quality, depth and scope of business initiatives globally. The StartupIQ™ is a vital tool to fulfil SearchLink’s overall purpose and value; to secure a higher business success rate.
To the Entrepreneur, the StartupIQ™ offers a method for self-evaluation of the start-up project, deeply questioning all sides of the initiative, the progress of the project and the readiness of the start-up team. Using the StartupIQ™ model will point out to the Entrepreneur strengths, weaknesses and future tasks, giving direction for further progressing the commercialization of the start-up and a professional report to present to others.
To the capital providers and to other involved parties surrounding the start-up initiative, the StartupIQ™, by being used by a number of individual “judges” on the same project, can sum up a multiple-opinioned, semi-objective 360o picture of the start-up and setting a value to it at its present stage in development.
The StartupIQ™ model is built on measuring factors acknowledged to be the strongest indicators of business success and failure. The model questions 24 Factors with 70 Elements and some 140 Indicators, all grouped into 4 basic Areas of reflection: WHAT is the idea? WHO is the people behind? WHERE is the market? And HOW shall this be made a profitable operation? The StartupIQ™ model delivers a total IQ score that may be used for ranking of projects.


The ReadyToGo™ program is a modular learning program in Entrepreneurship. The product is rooted in the Entrepreneur’s need for a customized, flexible and comprehensive curriculum for the purpose of increasing their project’s viability and profitability. Curriculum and standards are set by business specialists and academia addressing the proven factors for business success and failure.
The ReadyToGo™ program includes 6 learning modules and a total of 42 themes, of which Module I – III (21 themes) is implemented as classroom teaching. Subsequent 3 modules are intended seminar-based and with individual support from professionals. The total timeframe is estimated to be 3 years.
ReadyToGo™ underlies a curriculum where each topic has a specific learning goal and outcome. Implicitly, there is also a standardization that can be tested and evaluated. The curriculum is built up following the natural development phases of the Entrepreneurship. 
StartupIQ™ and ReadyToGo™ live in a close symbiosis. Data exchange between product areas constitutes an important source to product development and innovation.
Interested in learning more or joining a ReadyToGo™ program? Please click to send us an email.

Masterclass programs

Searchlink offer various Masterclass programs targeted early-stage investors and other audiences who are involved in or keep an interest in analysis and assessment of start-up and scale-up initiatives.
We continuously seek to develop and expand our Masterclass programs to the benefit of an analytical approach to funding start-up and scale-up initiatives.
Our programs are tailormade and held on request.
For further information about the Masterclass programs please click to contact us.

What's new

Latest news from SearchLink

ReadyToGo goes online

SearchLink is currently pursuing the task of digitalizing ReadyToGo to an online version running as a fully automated Learning Management System (LMS).  Entrepreneurs all over

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Our clients

We are proud to have had the first classes taking ReadyToGo™ and using StartupIQ™ during 2018. Here are some of their reactions:

I decided to put both of my ideas through StartupIQ™ to see which idea made sense to focus my attention on. Had I not been involved in the SearchLink course and given the use of StartupIQ™ I would very likely be focusing my attention on a much more difficult task. Without the help of SearchLink and StartupIQ™ I would not have opened my eyes to this other opportunity and I now have a much higher knowledge in building a business plan and how to test our product before investing money into it. Thank you guys so much for taking the time in developing this ReadyToGo™ course and the StartupIQ™.

– Jeremy, Canada

“The ReadyToGo™ program has been really, really helpful!” I am truly grateful, particularly since I do not have the business background. Just learning the vocabulary, for one thing! This course helped even if you do not have a strong idea, being given fully the entrepreneurial mindset.

– Austeja, Lithuania

First of all a big thank you for this course. It was a tremendous experience of my life, no doubt. I learnt so many things, got connected to so many people around. It was an awesome journey, thank you for making me learn so many things in this short span of time.

– Iffat, Pakistan

This ReadyToGo™ course has given me more of a saying when going to startup events etc., I can repeatedly refer to the ReadyToGo™ class with confidence in talking about my business. ReadyToGo™ has motivated me to continue. It really helped to learn the steps.

– Laury, USA

The different approach made this course fascinating and unique. I have worked on entrepreneurship before and have had other courses, but missed the business part. Most are too focused on idea development. They do not help you going – setting up a business, like ReadyToGo™ does.

– Markus, Germany

“The ReadyToGo™ program has been really, really helpful!” I am truly grateful, particularly since I do not have the business background. Just learning the vocabulary, for one thing! This course helped even if you do not have a strong idea, being given fully the entrepreneurial mindset.

– Austeja, Lithuania

Best course ever! Everyone I talk to about ReadyToGo™ say “Can I go too?”

– Nejc, Slovenia

This course is really good for basic entrepreneurship knowledge and prepares you for how to make a business plan. Templates were very helpful.

– Katerina, Czech Republic

The experienced business tutors and “unpolished” lecturers (not really teachers) giving away their own experiences was essential and really made the big difference compared to other courses I have attended.

– Thesis, Thailand

ReadyToGo™ really taught me what to think about and how to think. I learned to structure my startup process, became more objective to my own ideas, more prepared and confident. A true personal development program!

– Guarav, India

Our people and who we are.

Thank you!

We are proud to have had the first classes taking ReadyToGo™ and using StartupIQ™ during 2018.

Our Experts

“Great things in business are never done by one person alone. They are done by a team of people.”

Oslo / Norway-based SearchLink AS serves the entire entrepreneurial eco-system, globally via their digital-based programs and locally in physical class education. Being a research and innovation company itself, SearchLink AS continuously monitors the entrepreneurial market in order develop new tools, products and services to improve the success rate of start-ups.
Licenced partners are invited to take part in this entrepreneurial success by signing up exclusively for their country or region. Do take contact to explore your possibilities, combining our tools and your own consultancy and/or educational skills.
SearchLink AS itself is a truly successful start-up team example, taken to international success by its three founders:

Ole S. Rød


Educated within economy, marketing and management. 30+ years of experience in sales- and marketing management and general management from International and Norwegian assignments. Served eight years as advisor and consultant within the field of corporate- and business development, as well as interim management. 
Expertise in business modulation, strategy and operationalization especially in connection with start-up initiatives. Experience from M & A processes, corporate- and project financing. Been instrumental in establishing a number of new independent companies as funder and co-founder since Y2000. Early stage investor. Board positions within industry, finance, IT, recycling and renewable energy since 1990.

Hans Chr. Bjørkto

Chairman of the Board and CMO

Independent business consultant with 30+ years of experience in running businesses and coaching other leaders and employees. Hans have started and run several companies. He has a broad cross-industry experience within the private sector, e.g. Advertising, Media, Banking, Insurance and Finance, Accounting, IT Telecom and NPO’s.
Hans has a “soft spot” for SME’s and new entrepreneurs, being engaged as board representative, consultant or manager-for-hire in most aspects of business. Hans is educated within economy, marketing and management (Norw. School of Business Admin, NHH), project management and innovation.

Contact Us

Send us an email with your start-up information (your name, the company name, your email address, the start-up project name), and you will get free access to our StartupIQ™ questionnaire. Answer it and obtain a free “Readiness IQ score” for your Start-up.

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